Own project scenario

GEG actively identifies, builds and invests in new development opportunities. The initial stage of a project is feasibility assessment. Profitability, contractual terms, project country situation and logistics are some of the factors which decide if a development goes ahead.

Tendering scenario

Another key target area for GEG is large international tenders for IPP and EPC developments. The attractiveness of the projects varies greatly according to the tender offer, works requested and country risk.


GEG is well connected in the industry and has a history of cooperation with some of the largest global financing institutions. Most recently, we secured World Bank backing for the ongoing Maldives project.

Project Development

A photovoltaic power plant is an investment promising sustainable long-term profit. One of the key methods of achieving success is choosing the ideal project site. In case a client has not yet chosen and secured their project site, we can suggest them a suitable location.

Ground-Mounting Solutions

GEG designs and offers mounting structures which are developed in-house and constantly improved based on experience in previous projects. These include sophisticated fixed mounting structures, as well as tracking solutions which dynamically adjust the angle of the panels and can make solar PV profitable even in regions without optimum irradiation.


PV power plant planning and layout GEG offers a broad range of services for all planning phases in order to deliver the optimum PV power plant layout. Planning work for a PV power plant is usually split up in different phases: preliminary layout, modification of layout, detailed layout and adaption during construction.